Martin Block, Ph.D.


Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness

As President of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA), it is my pleasure to offer greetings, support and excitement for ISAPA 2019. IFAPA is an international scientific organization of higher education scholars, practitioners and students dedicated to APA. The main purpose of IFAPA is to encourage and promote international cooperation, research and knowledge in adapted physical education, disability sports and therapeutic recreation. The North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, which includes the United States, is one of seven regional representatives to IFAPA. We are excited that the International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) is returning to North America for the first time in over 20 years. We hope by choosing the United States as host country that ISAPA 2019 will attract a great deal of interest and participation by APA scholars and practitioners from the United States and Canada who may have not participated in recent ISAPAs held in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. And of course we hope many APA scholars and practitioners worldwide will come and share their work and enjoy a visit to the United States.

It is my unique privilege also to serve as Symposium Director and host for ISAPA 2019. I am excited to welcome APA professionals and practitioners from around the world to my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville is a thriving city of approximately 150,000 people The Corner shopping and dining district located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The city offers wonderful restaurants, breweries and shopping, all within walking distance of the conference hotels and university. Neighboring Albemarle County has numerous wineries that host tastings and have beautiful scenery. Charlottesville and the surrounding area are steeped in rich history. Several former United States Presidents lived in the area including Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia. Jefferson penned the words that we have adopted as our symposium theme.

Again, as President of IFAPA and Symposium Director, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to ISAPA 2019 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. I know you will enjoy your time in our beautiful little town!

Martin Block, Ph.D.
President, International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity
Symposium Director, ISAPA 2019

University of Virginia grounds and surrounding landscape